Before the rise of modern social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, there was Carpy. In the wild, untamed early days of internet angling, forums such as CEMEX Angling, Carp Forum, and were a haven for those seeking to share their love of the sport and connect with like-minded individuals.

But Carpy was more than just your average forum. It was founded in 2004 by two dashing and devilishly handsome anglers who were fed up with the rigid and stifling rules of other forums. They dreamt of a place where anglers could speak their minds without fear of having a statue torn down or getting banned for two whole weeks.

And so, Carpy was born. It quickly gained a devoted following of quirky and colorful characters with a wide range of personalities, senses of humor, and opinions. If you were an angler looking for a place to be yourself and share your passion with others, Carpy was the place to be.

Wall of infamy

28cap, 70’sPimp (Mod), Ads1, ady64, aldermere, attila, Bait mate, BAITY, barneysmate, Bet, blueyid, Bromhead, bud, camo304, Cappuccino, carl, carpin nut, carpkrazy69, Carpychap, CarpyMark, carpfisherdog, charlie, charlie544, chipie, Chuditch (Mod), clanger, Conan the Librarian, cornwallcarper, curlybob, currie muncher, cyprymike, Dan, daniel o’donovan, darkmarker, DAVA, Davey1, daveyb, Deancowell, delfish, Denno17, devoncarper, Dinez, dirkster, EA SI THE MAGPIE, enzosdad, fester, fitz, g-man1, Garypoacher, Gav77, GavinS, Gazh, georgey, Gerry, greatscott, gummer, Harris, heron78, Ike, irishgreg, jeeves, joella8, justin, kentcarperj, Legend9, Linus Pauling, Little Rob, littleian, lovefcs09, mad-dog, malc, marky, Markymarkw, mase, Maximedes, micky d, mr blonde, Mr Bump, mtcs, Muggles, mungo, nashboi89, NicB, noel, old pugilist, oldmanchris, papprior, philyfc, pirate46, pompeycarper, pooter, QTpie, raytom, razor42, Reg Holdsworth (Mod), rivers, rusheslake, Saint Georges Day, SEB, shand83, skeletor, skunky69, Slime Bandit, Spence, stalker, sulli, sutton strangler, sweatysock, t31000, TackleTart (Mod), THE BUNGAY MASSIVE, The Jester, Thicky, TigerNuts, Toddy, Toffeeman, tommyboy, tonky74, TonyBartram, uncle jim, wellsy, whitewater1, whitey70, WonderinDog, woolavy, xemplar, zippy, _shrop, Hippie, Medway, ExKingsMeadChef. LittleLegsLee, Turtle, Duckboy, ProperBove (Mod), Steve Mailie