The original infamous internet angling cult of Carpy is back! Not only with some tidy looking merchandise, but we now have a a super secret syndicate stocked full of stunning carp!

The syndicate now run by us, is in what one person described as “God had an orgasm and this was the end result” is the basis for Carpy 2020, however a nod must always go to our roots in not taking it all too seriously, we’ve been around a while, since the very beginning in fact.

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Study to be Quiet…

“In the heat of noonday I have cruised in a punt upon the surface of that small fathomless pool and looked down among waving weed cables at broad netted backs stirring there in those mysterious depths.

I have looked and marveled and been made to feel that no skill or patience on my part will ever bring such cunning monsters to the bank.”

BB- Confessions of a carp fisher