Before Facebook,  Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram…There was Carpy.

In the heady early days of Internet Angling, forums such as CEMEX angling, Carp Forum and were a haven for the blossoming angling internet commercial extravaganza we see all around us now.

Carpy was founded in 2004 by two very well hung and good looking anglers in response to arcane forum rules.  While contemplating this, and a need for a free speech platform where views could be aired without the fear of having a statue ripped down or a 2 week forum ban was needed. Aimed at like minded people, Carpy quickly built up a good following of individuals with amazing variances in personalities, humor and opinions!

Whiling our way at work while logged into Carpy made the days go fast and talk of all things angling and personal ensured you slowly got to know all the members very well. From the harshest of language and personal but non personal attacks and often, great life advice. All the members that managed to endure the onslaught formed a great bond that still carries through today. Great times, before the madness of media personalities and commercialism took over.

Great Friends, Never forgotten.

We are now over 12 years old now and some of our members have been with us since the very start, we operate in various forms, Twitter, Instagram and our very ow private Facebook group (Former forum members welcome). And very rarely sometimes manage to meet up and laugh so hard our side hurt.

Over the years we have sadly lost a few of our comrades, Bromhead (Glyn Leach), Hippie (Phil Robson). So this site is more in memorial for past members, before the internet was bigger than Trumps hair.

The GREATEST comeback since Micky Gray and Shergar is now nearly complete. For legal reasons that we won’t or can’t go into (Nothing to do with the large influx of counterfeit Nash bed chairs from China) we’ve had to move the site to North Korea, Guaong province but now we are all set!

The hosting is cheap and the bandwidth relatively slave free. So, let us begin where we briefly paused.

Back in the day, before Epstein didn’t kill himself or COVID turned us all into a nation of lefty leaning weirdos. Carpy was bit like Harvey Weinstein, but without the sexual assault convictions, or maybe a bit like Brexit. Just less racist.

A beautiful collective of like minded anglers from all walks of life without the hard sell or fake personalities where nature, good carp fishing and laughter is king. Yu can find more Carpy related history here.

Wall of Infamy

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