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Carthagena Syndicate Lake The Syndicate Lake is a mature, 7 acre gravel pit dug in the mid 1940 s. The average depth is 6 to 7 feet with deeper channels and holes up to 11 feet in depth. The lake was stocked with king carp in the mid 1970 s, over 800 fingerlings were stocked, natural predation

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Wraysbury 2. CEMEX

LOCATION Station Road/High Street, Wraysbury, Berkshire. TW19 5DF SIZE Lake, 140 acres STOCK RECORDS Pike to 33:00 Carp to 41:06 Tench to 12:14 Bream to 14:08 Roach to 3:00 Perch to 4:00 Eels to 5:00 FISHING Massive and still offering fishing of a relatively unknown potential Wraysbury 2 is a serious challenge for the specialist

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