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Theale Lake 2, CEMEX

Lake 2, 29 acres Lake Two: Is a terrific venue for the pleasure angler with excellent bream and tench fishing and some superb roach and rudd to be caught with both species running to over the 2lb mark. The groundbait feeder scores best for the tench and bream with floatfished maggot the best approach for

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Ricketts Mere, CEMEX

Ulting Lane, Ulting Essex CM9 6QB Another new fishery for CEMEX which comprises a section of the River Chelmer and a three acre farm lake set in the Essex countryside. This will be stocked with some of our own CEMEX Sutton strain carp and a handful of larger specimens up to 20lb. Carp have reached

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Burghfield, CEMEX

LOCATION Pingewood Road/Cottage Lane, Burghfield, Near Reading, Berks. RG30 3XL SIZE Lake 1, 94 acres Lake 2, 4.75 acres STOCK RECORDS Carp to 52:12 Tench to 11:07 Bream to 11:00 Pike to 32:00 Perch to 2:04 Eels to 8:12 Barbel to 8:08 FISHING The 94-acre main lake at Burghfield has been a noted, if challenging,

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