Welley Road / Douglas Lane, Wraysbury, Berkshire. TW19 5NF

Lake, 120 acres

Carp to 56:06
Pike to 31:08
Tench to 14:03
Bream to 14:01
Eels to 7:08
Roach to 3:06
Perch to 2:11

At present there are three carp topping the 40lb mark and a small number of 30 s. Behind these are a number of young and growing stock fish of Sutton and Redmire strains some of which are now beginning to reach 30lb.

As well as the carp Wraysbury One is a specialist angler s paradise, offering high quality big fish angling for many species. In particular there are exceptional tench, bream and eels to be caught and the winter pike fishing can be very good.

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