Lake 1, 2 acres.

Lake 2, 9 acres.

Catfish to 57.08
Carp to 35:10
Pike to 20:12
Tench to 9:02
Bream to 13:00
Rudd to 2:02
Perch to 4:00
Roach to 1:12

Jones Pit is a mature sand pit with an average depth of 12ft. and is CEMEX Angling s longest established catfish water, with cats originating from Woburn Abbey, home of the first British catfish.

Lake 1 :
Is a good mixed fishery with roach, rudd, bream, tench and carp all to good sizes.

Lake 2:
Holds a good head of cats with many 20lb and 30lb fish, the occasional 40 and a current venue record of 57lb. The catfish stock also includes the famous albino with a top weight of 26lb 5oz.

Carp in Lake 2 are plentiful with a good head of doubles and twenties up to a current top weight of over 35lb. For the pleasure angler Lake 2 offers some good tench and bream together with roach and perch.

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